Photographs of the 2000’s

  • Location:

    National Portrait Gallery, London, U.K.

  • Duration:

    February - May, 2010 / Currently in Permanent Collection

  • Exhibited:
    Lily Cole (2001), Nicola Formichetti (2004), and Rafael Bonachela (2004)


    In the last ten years the National Portrait Gallery has acquired over 1,000 photographs of contemporary subjects, taken between 2000 and 2009. This display of previously unseen work reflects a cross-section of various types of portrait photography.

    The images shown here comprise a selection of the personalities who have contributed to British life, culture and history in this era and includes figures from the armed forces, the arts, religion, sports and industry. Interesting links can be drawn between some of the subjects, such as Professors Sir David Cannadine and Linda Colley, two distinguished Cambridge-educated academics, and Lily Cole a model and emerging actress, currently studying history of art at the university.

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