ArtGenève Art Fair by Bernheimer Fine Art Photography

  • Location:

    Geneva, Switzerland

  • Duration:

    January, 2017

  • Exhibited:
    Coral Peonies Four 036 (2015), Peonies London Two 076 (2015), Red Rose 001 (2015), Flower LA 232 (2015), and Two Tone Rose 033 (2015)


    Mariano Vivanco’s photographic practice is rooted in fashion and the figure but in this latest series of photographs Vivanco explores the subject of the oral still life. Drawing on nuances from still life oral paintings typical of those from Netherlands in the 1600’s Vivanco arranges personally sourced specimens such as Cosmea, Roses and Peonies in water jugs and vases to create simple and elegant compositions placed against a painted wall or a sheet of coloured paper visibly taped to the wall adding a sense of authenticity and honesty to the overall composition.


    Using the digital lens, depth of field and cropping Vivanco captures his compositions to create a personal sense of feeling or mood. Bright vivid colours capture a sense of happiness whilst the monochromatic compositions are reminiscent of moments of sadness, melancholy and isolation. They are visual metaphors of Vivanco’s own personal journeys and experiences.

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