• Client:

  • Published:

    March, 2017

  • Fashion Editor:

    Jimi Urquiaga

  • When it comes to fashion the color white has held sizable symbolism signifying purity, newness, and the spiritual. Santería, the religion that rose from Yoruba doctrine, Roman Catholicism, and the indigenous peoples of the Americas, uses the color to recognize initiates as they work to ascend ranks. From the past pain of enslavement and foreign lands came prayer, and a transatlantic retention turned into something reverentially unique.

    Such was the inspiration for Mariano Vivanco and Cuban American stylist, Jimi Urquiaga, for the latest story, bridging holy and secular, past and present for a story that celebrates the differences as much as the similarities of us all. With moving imagery, the duo invokes the spirit of Afro-cuban rite within model stunners Ajak Deng, Alicia Burke, Achok Majak, Duckie Thot, and Saul Rodriguez. Dressed in immaculate hues of pearl, ivory, and alabaster they prance and pose conjuring up Ori metaphysical. The new season’s latest unfurling of pristine white looks are the perfect garb for visuals rich in meaning.

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